Return and Refund Policy

Here at Good Karma, we are dedicated to providing you with high quality food and beverages, and the peace of mind and service you depend upon. Our Return and Refund Policy covers all of the instances that can be granted a return, refund, discount and store credit.

Once your order has been confirmed, no cancellations will be accepted. The preparation of your order begins immediately after confirmation.

To be eligible for return, no more than a quarter (25%) of the order should be consumed by the customer. Photos of the issue must be sent by the customer as soon as an error is noticed so that we may have an initial assessment of the order. In addition, the order must be in its original packaging. This allows us to assess the order and address the your concern. If the order has been discarded, or the packaging has been tampered with or repackaged, the order is no longer eligible for refund, replacement, discount or store credit.



If you change your mind or notice a mistake in your order, we are sorry but we cannot cancel. As soon as your order has been confirmed and prepared, no cancellations can be done. Please review your cart or order form before placing an order.


If you received the wrong order, we sincerely apologize! We’ll make sure to get it right. Please call us as soon as you noticed an error. The wrong order must be kept in the same condition received, and must be in its original packaging free or markings and of damage. The wrong order will be returned to us and replaced. We will send you the correct order. The delivery fee is on us, or you may come to pick it up.


If your order is incomplete, we sincerely apologize! Allow us to fix it. Please call us as soon as you noticed any missing items in your order. We will send you your missed items, or you may come to pick it up. If you want to cancel the missed items, the remaining balance may will be refunded as store credit. We do not offer cash or credit card refunds.


We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your order. We do not offer return, refund or cancellation for customers that are simply dissatisfied with their order but we would like to know how we can improve. In cases of order dissatisfaction, we are open to feedback and suggestions. Only issues such as incorrect order and incomplete order will be processed.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our Return and Refund Policy, feel free to contact us through our email For immediate concerns, you send us a message through Viber 0945 224 4166.